Mona Sultan founded her line of fine silk scarves in 2012, and has become known for her vibrant style, distinctive colour ways and unique take on the classic accessory.

The label’s aesthetic is mostly influenced by collage and pop art with a nod to the late 80’s & early 90’s revealing original, contemporary designs with nostalgic echoes, digitally printed on high-quality fabrics.

The line is inspired by the woman who has an uncanny ability to turn any outfit into her own; she seamlessly pairs her grandmother’s necklace with a graphic t-shirt or a sheer blouse with a boxy blazer. On holiday, you’ll find her enjoying leisurely breakfasts on vintage bar stools or strolling through bazaars in a flowy dress and only a touch of red lipstick. A nostalgic at heart, she knows the value of a good book, will leave a hand-written note at your doorstep, and undoubtedly keeps a stash of dark chocolate in her bedroom.

With this woman in mind, every Mona Sultan piece is the culmination of complex simplicity, balancing bold patterns with the lightness of silk and perfected with remarkable details.


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